Your youthful and taut skin eventually tends to become loose and sags. Although this natural phenomenon is prevalent all over the body, it is unwanted when it becomes visible on your face. Your forehead tends to form furrows and deep lines. The sagging skin of the forehead also affects your eyebrows.

Sagging eyebrows tends to spoil the beauty of your eyes, and no amount of makeup can keep it discrete indefinitely.Hence,in such cases a cosmetic eyebrow lift procedure is considered to be an excellent solution.

Why is an Eyebrow Lift required?

A cosmetic eyebrow lift surgery aims to improve the appearance of your upper facial area, namely your forehead, eyebrows and the area around your eyes. Your upper facial skin is given a rejuvenated look by raising the sub-dermal soft tissues in the forehead and eyebrows.

An eyebrow lift surgery is an ideal solution if you wish to remove the creased skin from the forehead which also results in lowering the natural level of your eyebrows.

The natural aging process is responsible for forming lines and creases in your forehead, as well as between your eyes. With this natural loss of elasticity the distance between your eyebrows and eyelashes becomes shorter. This combines together to give you a constantly tired and sad look. The eyebrow lift cosmetic procedure can help to lessen the facial lines, raise the level of your eyebrows and restore a youthful and pleasant appearance to your face.

How long will it last?

You should consider undergoing eyebrow lift if:

  • You wish to raise your abnormally low eyebrow level.
  • You wish to remove the deeper lines and creases between your eyes, on the upper end of your nose and from your forehead.
  • You wish to restore a youthful and pleasant appearance and boost your confidence.
  • You have realistic expectations with the results of the cosmetic procedure.

How is Eyebrow Lift performed?

Cosmetic eyebrow lift surgery can be performed using any of two methods:

  • Traditional eyebrow lift or
  • Endoscopic eyebrow lift

Currently, the endoscopic eyebrow lift surgery method is more popular, owing to lessened recovery time, decreased risk of complications, and excellent result rate.

In the endoscopic eyebrow lift surgery, the cosmetic surgeon will administer general anesthesia to ensure that you do not feel any discomfort while the surgery is underway.

Next, the surgeon will make very small (2-4 mm wide) incisions along your scalp, having already marked them clearly before the surgery began. These incisions are placed strategically and allow the surgeon to use the endoscope efficiently.

The incisions are used to insert the endoscope. This is a small, thin and flexible optical device. The slim wire consists of a tiny but powerful video camera and a source of cold light at one end. The endoscope is an excellent way for the cosmetic surgeon to view the soft tissue structure underneath the treatment area on a video monitor. This prevents the need to make a larger, cross incision which would be normally a part of traditional eyebrow lift procedure.

Once the cosmetic surgeon has determined the position of the underlying soft tissue, they will use another, similar surgical tool. This tool is also inserted in the same manner as the endoscope with the video camera. The surgeon will then carefully reposition these soft tissues in your forehead, thus effectively removing the deep creases and saggy skin. The loosened facial muscle tissues are also removed in this step.

Next, the surgeon will remove the excess skin from your forehead and above your eyebrows. Once the surgeon is satisfied with the procedure, the tiny incisions in the forehead will be sutured close.

An Eyebrow Lift cosmetic procedure at Cocoona will mean a comfortable, convenient and satisfactory restoration of your youthful good looks. The top aesthetic specialists and renowned cosmetic surgeons are a part of Cocoona, ensuring that every patient gets the best, and most affordable cosmetic eyebrow lift surgery.

One of the best aspects of endoscopic cosmetic eyebrow lift surgery is that the recovery time is significantly lower. You will probably have the bandages removed in a couple of days, while the sutures will be removed within a couple of weeks. In a few weeks, you should be able to resume normal everyday activities.

1 Will the cosmetic eyebrow lift remove all the wrinkles in my forehead?

A: Although cosmetic eyebrow lift surgery cannot remove the deeper furrows and wrinkles completely, it tends to lessen them to a remarkable degree. The main aim of this procedure is to raise your sagging eyebrows, which also results in raising drooping upper eyelids.

2 Can I choose to have eyebrow lift with another facial cosmetic surgery?

A: Yes, most cosmetic surgeons will recommend combining eyebrow lift with a complete facelift, or an upper facelift or even blepharoplasty to help improve the facial area around your eyes noticeably.

3 How will I hide the scarring from eyebrow lift if I have a receding hairline?

A: Thanks to our expert and innovative cosmetic surgeons, we at Cocoona specialize in a technique which requires making an incision in your upper eyelid. This helps to conceal the scar effectively.