I have been taking face laser for a year.Mam is very kind and gentle.Neat clean and very professional set-up.The staff is very courteous.Treatments are done under Dr. Reema’s guidance and she is very meticulous and concerned about her patients.

-Happy Patient

232Very comfortable experience over all. Thanks to Dr. Sapna. She made me feel at home and the staff here all very smart and hospitable.

-Happy Patient

232Very Comfortable, Very Much Happy With The Result So Far. Thanx To Dr. Sapna And Her Team And Ms. Rachita With All The Comfort, They Gave Me While Undergoing With My Liposuction Procedure. Thanx And Appreciate Whole Team Of Cocoona For The Same. Must Recommended To One Who Are Looking For A Comfortable Yet Enjoyble Liposuction Surgery.

-Happy Patient

232Happy with result, Its what I expected. Friendly staff and thanks to Dr. Arvind and special thanks to Mis. Rachita for arranging the whole process from the start to the end. Really happy with Cocoona Delhi since unexpected result what they delivered to us, that I can see from my first followup Day. And if you talking about staff they all are helpful. Leaving the country happily by saying thanks to Cocoona Delhi,Specially -Dr. Arvind and Miss Preeti and the person help us to get all the details and make us comfortable to go with Cocoona & Ms. Rachita.

– Sam and Mukhtar

232Very comfortable, very much happy with the result so far.Thanks to Dr. Sapna and her team and Ms. Rachita with all the comfort they gave me while undergoing with my liposuction procedure.Thanks and appreciate whole team of cocoona for the same. Must recommend to the one who are looking for a comfortable yet enjoyble liposuction surgery.

-Happy Patient

CocoonaFantastic surgeons and team…they saved my life by discovering I had a minor heart attack a few months back along with high bp and did a great job of surgery .. I work in a top hospital in London and didn\’t get the help I need for my health…I had to go to India to see my friends i worked with in Dubai to get help instead …sad, what is the NHS coming too?…having worked with Craniomaxillofacial Plastic Surgeon Sanjay Parashar in Dubai, I know he is one of the best in the world.. also at the clinic in India, the staff are friendly and fantastic and Preeti the manager goes all out to help and make you welcome… thanks guys, you are the best..

-Jennifer King MBE

21Dr. Sanjay,I am very happy. I feel like @ home. Its unbelivable. I am quite happy with my treatment.Tenzin (Implant).

21Dr. Sanjay,Was too horified, but after meeting the doctors and staff onboard, I can definitely say am happy with the result and certainly can recommend others.Shreya Chaudhary (BR).

21Cocoona,Excellently done job with wise location of probe insertion to avoid multiple scanning. I feel like a million dollar and absolutely wonderful.Thank you Dr. Lokest and the amazing team and staff at Cocoona…God Bless!Sorah Devaraj (malaysia)

21Cocoona,Sonam is fully awesome, I love the way she does that facial. I would prefer getting it done from Cocoona only.Keep up the good work.Cocoona.

21Cocoona,Sonam is the most humble and superb worker here. She is a blessing to Cocoona.I feel good and staff is very humble. Thanks and I will visit again.

21Radha,A great clinic. The doctors are top notch and service, follow up of international standards.Thank you all for a great experience. I shall be back.Cocoona.

21Abhishek Garg,I am really thankful to Dr. Lokesh Handa for transforming my life in such a way. I am a confident man but after my surgery, it has given me a new wave in life. Now I believe I can face the world in a better way.Also, not to forget the role of the support staff was blissful and really helpful. Special thanks to Mr. Harikesh for his assistance through out the process (pre and post), really a nice guy.Overall thanks to Cocoona team for changing the intercourse of my life.

21Radha,A great clinic. The doctors are top notch and service, follow up of international standards.Thank you all for a great experience. I shall be back.Cocoona.

21Ayush Hingle,Very experienced doctors with very supportive medical attendents and staff. Answered all my queries very patiently. Thank you soo much for your support. Great Clinic.

21Reena Arya,The treatment is extremely effective. Its only 2nd sitting for my skin. I feel my skin soften, smooth and with lesser pores

21Dr. Sanjay,U have made such a difference in my life. Every day so far is a pleasure for me, when dressing up. I will recommend everyone. From day one you were honest and gave good advice. I definitely will be sending you clients.Thanks a Million.Adronette Meyer

22Hi Sanju,Hope you have settled down now…This is to thank you profusely for the excellent work you did. I am absolutely delighted. It’s a perfect job.I am so happy I had it done.Take care

23I am so happy with my tummy tuck.I didn\’t think that it could have turned out better than I imagined but it did. Once again thank you so much for your hard work and giving me my confidence back.Linda

23Dear Sanjay,Thanks for the great job you did on my breast lift, it almost feels normal again. You have a great staff and am pleased with the service I have received. Happy to recommend you to anyone!Regards,

25Dr. SanjayThanks for the great job & transformation. I’m ecstatic with the results.Now wearing clothes I never thought I could I feel ( and look ) years younger with more confidence.I am bragging about you & hope to send some potential clients your way.A big thank you also to your wonderful & professional team.Once again cheers,Jocelyn Chambers

26For several years I had been wanting to have the rhinoplasty procedure done.I was quite in secure about making the commitment to such a life changing surgery. I was fortunate enough to be referred to Dr. Sanjay by a friend.I know from the first visit with him that he had my best interests at heart and did a fabulous job making me feel at ease.Now two weeks after the surgery, I could not be happier with my decision in plastic surgery and the choice I made to have Dr. Sanjay as my physician.I thank you for all you have done in “shaping my life” for the better !!Best wishes always…Lindsay Stevenson

6Good, friendly, helpful staff. Always ready to help you, especially to get through the extreme pain.making jokes, making you smile.Dr. Smita has been fantastic helping me through my laser sessions and i have seen a dramatic difference.All the best, always !Saloni Kotecha

6ToDr. Sanjay ParasharHope you know how much it meant…and how very much you\’re appreciated.From – Ammar Adam Keehil

8Dear Dr. SanjayThank you so much for the procedures. I have finally regained my confidence and i am doing so much better now. The recovery period was a lot shorter than I envisaged!I am extremely pleased with the outcome.Thanks a millionBest ,Bernadehe

8Dr. Sanjay and all his lovely staff,Thank you so much for everything! This procedure is something I have always wanted to do and I am so pleased that I have had it done with you!From the first email that I have sent you to the last appointment, you have always been approachable and professional. I will always remember you, thank you again.I am the happiest girl in the world !!Danna.

8Dear Dr. SanjayI can\’t find enough world to express how grateful I feel after my liposuction and tummy tuck. Short period that i spent in dubai has changed my life and relieved me from almost 6 yrs pain.I am extremely pleased with the result. I’m sure my family back Africa will be happy.Be blessed alwaysMrs. Aproma Ruga…Tanzania, East Africa

8Dr. Sanjay and all his lovely staff,Thank you so much for everything! This procedure is something I have always wanted to do and I am so pleased that I have had it done with you!From the first email that I have sent you to the last appointment, you have always been approachable and professional. I will always remember you, thank you again.I am the happiest girl in the world !!Danna.

8Dear Dr. Sanjay,After having my baby, my stomach shape was damaged and when after a year of having my baby, I still looked pregnant. Dr. Sanjay, you gave me my figure back, and I can’t find enough words to thank you.I look great; feel younger, and much happier!Loved the hospital, procedure went smooth, and the after care is excellent.Thank you so much.

8Dear Dr. SanjayI cannot tell you how happy I am right now. Its only been about 2 weeks after my surgery and the results are already great. Thank you so much for making me feel great about my body after the surgery.I feel like a new person and my self-confidence has increased greatly. You did a great job. And your staff is amazing too. Your team has made this a very pleasant experience, Thank You!Maria.

14Doctor, i m truly proud to have you as my boss.Its great being in your team. Thanks so much doctor.We promise you the greatest tomorrow ever.

15Dear Dr. Sanjay,I truly appreciate the taking care, good results, the follow up.Dr. Sanjay is very professional and the results are amazing. Everybody told me I look 15 years younger.The team and all supporting personnel were very attentive. Thanks.My daughter has some good comments. I am recommending Dr. Sanjay to family and friends.Thanks from heart

16Dear Smita & Dr. SanjayThanks for the great treatment you have given me over the past months. I feel great with all that you have done, and the great results that I have been given, so far.Your advice and care has been fantastic. You both are great people. Your staff is so friendly and welcoming every time I come here even with my mom n dad.All my lovePhil

15Dear Smita,I loved the duflex, it made a big difference. For me after the first treatment for me it was like magic. I will recommend this to anyone who has a bit of a lose skin. It’s like a face lift that did not have so much pain.Many Thanks again.Tou-Maie.

18Dear Dr. Sanjay and Dr. Smita,I just want to say thank you for helping me out with issues in such a short notice. You were both extremely helpful and genuinely cared about the situation I was in. Only after 2.5 weeks my face has cleared up and I will be able to enjoy my wedding with upmost confidence.Thank you again.

cocoona Testimonial
testimonial cocoona
cocoona Testimonial
testimonial cocoona

221My Name: Maria Hernandez RuizWife Eric RiethoffDear Doctor Sanjay,I was afraid, but you helped me a lot.Thank you for what you did for me.Maria Riethoff

222Dear Dr. Sanjay,Thank you so much for the wonderful experience and helping me gain new self esteem through the proceedure. It was great how you held my hand when I was scared and stayed by my side. You are the best!Alizha Buxton

223Dr. SanjayIt is rare to have your expectations exceeded buy you absolutely passed that test !!Thanks,Phil Robinson (UK)

224Dr. Sanjay & Smita are fantastic.I feel the treatments I receive are the best and I look amazing after.Jacqueline (UK)

225Dear Dr. SanjayMost thanks for your staff, they are professional and friendly and smiling all the time I saw them.Dr. Sanjay is the best doctor ever I have ever seen. I passed through lot of problems and finely because only you could help me.I love you all. :)I will recommend you to all people that I care about to have the best surgery ever.Ghaela

226I had my fears before I came to you. But you gave me the best counsel ever and all my fears were gone.The proceedure gave me more than I expected. My tummy is wonderfully flat and smooth. Now I can wear a bikini again. You have a wonderful team here at the cocoona and the nurses in the hospital are very confident when you are the surgeon.I chose you out of all the doctors I saw online and am glad I made the right choice.Thank you Dr. Sanjay, you gave me my groove back.Mrs. Cherry,Nigeria

227Dear Dr. Sanjay,I cant thank you enough for everthing you have done, and also your staff as well. I am sooo happy with the result.I am not worried about anything relating to my breasts, as I believe it is now getting progress of healing and I TOTALLY TRUST YOU!!There is absolutely nothing to worry about from the beginning unlike I did.YOU ARE PERFECT Dr. Sanjay, and whenever I reconsider the surgery later on, I would definitely come to you wherever you are !Thank you again, and thanks to all th estaff as well !!God bless you abundantly as always !Miyoo KimI will recommend you to all people that I care about to have the best surgery ever.Ghaela

228Dr. Sanjay,I was very pessimistic at first. I didn\’t know what to think if I should go ahead with the proceedure. But I\’m so glad I went ahead with it. That too with such a great doctor like you..You\’ve truely brought my confidence back up. NOthing I say can thank you enough.You\’ve been great !!Thank YouShaista.

229Dear Doctor S,You\’ve helped me restore my self-confidence.Thank you,Richie

230Dr. Sanjay,Thank you so much.You are turely unique. Your attention to detail, gentle demeanor, and professionalism revertberate throughout your staff. They are beautiful, both inside and out.It is a treat to have them as a part of a medical team. I am happy to know that I am in their care. They are not only good staff makers, but good people. I will be a life-long patient.Ron Polite.

231Thanks to all of youAll my thanks and gratitude for a job well done.Saloni.

232Dr. Sanjay,I had been to see 3 other surgeons prior to meeting you.I understand that everyone has a business and a right to make money. But they were not at all understanding of my needs nor were they empathetic.You were so wonderful and took your time to understand my concerns.I always recommend you to my friends and will continue to do so.Thank you once again. You are not only an amazing Doctor, but an amazing person.M. Fahd.

232CocoonaBreast reduction surgery is one of the most complex surgery for patients and doctor both as it concerns the well-being of the breasts aesthetically and internally both. For me taking my decision on going for reduction surgery pre-marriage was difficult and perplexed decision. I did my research ad study on it and consulted few doctors in this regard. But, coming to Cocoona and meeting Dr. Lokesh Handa helped taking me decision instantly,Dr. Lokes\’s sober attitude and his way of making me understand the procedure with case chucked all my apprehensions. I am happy that I choose Cocoona and thank you doctor and team for successful surgery.

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