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Even today, the Egyptian Queen -Nefertiti stands a symbol of Beauty. He striking jawline is something desired by many. Similarly, Queen Cleopatra VII was one of the most beautiful and powerful women that ever lived. She was said to possess the “Golden Ratio,” a combination of facial measurements that evoke the most attraction and positive emotion from a human being. The Golden Ratio is roughly defined as a face that is one and half times as long as it is wide (1 : 1.618 to be exact). Very few are born with these perfect dimensions. However today medical aesthetics have made is possible to achieve these proportions. What is Facial Contouring It is a procedure to redefine the facial proportions to enhance the individual’s beauty. It can be correction minor to major deformities, or enhancing key features to give a more prominent, positive and attractive look. The procedure can be non-surgical and surgical, and will depend on what the patient is looking for. The non-surgical facial contouring is performed using a combination of injectable fluids. The advantage of this procedure is, its reversible, temporary and cheaper, where compared to surgical. Whereas Surgical facial contouring involves minor to major surgeries. Which means the new you will be last longer. Much more can be achieved. All the changes are done keeping the golden ration in mind. Other measurements are also taken, but the Golden Ratio is the foundation used to enhance, correct and restore the facial beauty to its most appealing without giving the face an unbalanced or unnatural look. Anyone can be an ideal candidate for this, as long as you are healthy and proactive a healthy lifestyle. Underlying diseases or illness can interfere in how the boy responds to the treatment and how long the results last. The price for a Non-Surgical Facial contouring starts at AED 12,000. It is done using injectable and areas covered in this procedure are:

  • Defining the jawline
  • Managing the lost volumes in areas such as eyes, nasolabial, forehead and chin.
  • Contouring or shaping the nose
  • Managing wrinkles on the face and forehead
  • Lip augmentation

If you are looking for the surgical facial contouring, the price of the same can only be quoted post a consultation and after identifying the changes required.