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Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery Delhi, India

Eyelid surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure used to correct all forms of deformities or defects seen in the eyelid region. It is also known as ‘blepharoplasty’ at times. This is a simple cosmetic procedure aimed at improving the appearance of the region around the eyes.

What is Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)?

An eyelid surgery procedure is a type of purely cosmetic surgical procedure which is useful for correcting any sort deformities, defects (disfigurations) which are seen to affect a person’s eyelids. This is a plastic surgery that aims to improve the aesthetic aspects of the eyelids and the surrounding facial region and is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedures at Cocoona.

This cosmetic surgery involves removing/repositioning (or both) of the excess tissues such as the subcutaneous facial fat and the skin. It also reinforces the underlying muscles and tendons. This surgery is used to addresses problems caused in the region of the face between the eyebrow and the upper part of the cheeks.

This surgery’s aim is to restore the correct functioning of the affected eyelid as well as restoration of the aesthetic aspects of the surrounding region. This is achieved by removing any excessive skin from the eyelids and then smoothing the underlying eye as well as tightening the support structure. It also works by removing the excessive facial skin under the eyes and re-draping it by stretching it tight over the retro-septal area of the eye.

When do I need Eyelid Surgery?

In case you feel that the skin under your eyes has formed bags and has become loose, thus giving you an unappealing appearance then you might want to consider undergoing to this surgery. The surgeon will remove the excess tissues from under the eyelids as well as tighten the skin over the region in order to make it look more youthful and appealing.

How is the Surgery procedure performed?

There are several techniques used to perform an eyelid surgery, such as:

  • Traditional Eyelid surgery– This requires making an incision in the skin just below the eyelashes. The skin is lifted and the membrane which holds the eyelid fat pads becomes accessible to the surgeon. The surgeon will next penetrate the membrane and remove fat from these fat pads using a very fine needle. The fat is removed until the eyelids become flat. The surgeon will also remove a small piece (2-4 mm) of excessive skin is removed.
  • Pinch Eyelid surgery  This is another conventional form of eyelid surgery which requires making an incision in the eyelid to remove the excess fat followed by a pinch of skin without damaging the deeper tissues or muscles.
  • Laser Eyelid surgery– This is a comparatively modern method of performing an eyelid surgery. The surgeon uses a high-energy and powerful beam of laser light to remove the excess fat from the eyelid region.
  • Trans-conjunctive Eyelid surgery– This method requires an incision inside the eyelid rather than in the skin outside. This is generally done with the help of an electrocauterization device. The surgeon will remove a part of the fat pads. This technique is ideally considered for considerably younger patients with bulging fat and no extra skin in the eyelids.

A lower eyelid blepharoplasty is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgeries at Cocoona and is most popular with women around the world. This cosmetic surgery helps to get rid of the unattractive bags of skin that form around the eyes which are commonly seen developing due to old age. Cocoona helps to give you a new and more youthful appearance with the most advanced and effective eyelid surgery.

FAQs about Eyelid surgery:

Who is an ideal candidate for Eyelid surgery?
At Cocoona, we consider people with an overall good health status and realistic expectations to be ideal candidates for an eyelid surgery. These are mostly in the age group of between 35 years and older. It is advisable to get an eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) done as early as possible if the droopy eyelids are facial features that have been inherited from the family.

Are the Eyelid Surgery results long-lasting?

The highly-advanced techniques used at Cocoona by our expert cosmetic surgeons and specialists ensure that the results ideally last for around 5-7 years noticeably. The natural ageing process, however, continues to take a toll even on the operated eyelid and the procedure needs to be repeated if required.

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