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High cheekbones are considered an essential ingredient of beauty. High cheekbones usually spell the difference between a tight, youthful appearance and a dull, tired look. In cosmetic surgery, cheek augmentation is used to give beautiful, prominent, high cheekbones, and add definition to a face. It’s a procedure that can make a world of difference in appearance.

At Cocoona cheek augmentation can be performed in several different ways.

Cheek Implant Surgery In this procedure specially contoured facial implants are inserted into the cheek area. Typically, implants are inserted through an incision made either inside the mouth or below the lower eyelid. Cheek implants give instant definition to a face, and are very popular with those seeking a fix for hollow cheeks.

Cheek implants are often combined with other cosmetic procedures such as chin augmentation, neck and jaw line liposuction, and removal of the Buccal fat pad.

Dermal Filler In this procedure fat tissue extracted from a patient’s abdomen or any other area is injected directly into the cheek area. The procedure gives supple, toned look and is ideal for those looking for “instant” change.

Call or contact us to learn more about our cheek augmentation procedures or schedule a consultation with us to discuss your options.