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Breast Augmentation is another name for Breast Enlargement or Breast Enhancement, and is also colloquially known as Boob Job. It is the single most requested plastic surgery in the world.

For women, their breasts play an important part in their overall personality and it also gives them a lot of confidence. Many women feel the need to have breast surgeries – some for cosmetic reasons, some due to deformities, and some due to mastectomies (removal of breast due to cancer). Whatever the reason, it is important to know that it is a surgery, which would need proper medical expertise and support.

So, before deciding to undergo this surgery, it is imperative to get a clear understanding of the process, and the do’s and don’ts associated with it. Being the leaders in breast surgeries, and the best in the field of breast augmentation in India, we share the relevant information here for you.


Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure which helps improve the looks of your breasts, making them larger and if needed fuller too. It is also referred to as breast enlargement or breast enhancement or breast reconstruction, or augmentation mammoplasty, or breast implants surgery.

Breast augmentation can be done as an outpatient procedure with twilight anesthesia (patient goes back home the same day), or as an inpatient procedure with general anesthesia (requires overnight stay at hospital or clinic).

In this procedure, a well-trained surgeon, will either insert an ‘implant’, or ‘fat’ grafted from other parts of your body into your breasts, helping them get bigger and fuller.Breast implants come in different types, shapes and sizes, and their quality has improved dramatically over the years. Some of the top-quality breast implants that we use at our breast clinic in Dubai, come with a 15 years warranty.

The method of inserting the implants differs according to the patient’s needs, and the expertise of the surgeon. More details are given below.

Fat grafting breast augmentation is a technique wherein your own body fat from other parts of the body is extracted and injected into your breasts. This is mainly used when the need for enlargement is small and a more natural result is preferred.

To do this successfully, a well-trained and experienced team, like ours at Cocoona, is needed. Our top surgeons have done over 2,000 breast surgeries with amazing results.

Usually breast augmentation is done to enhance the shape, size and texture of breasts, and to make them appear larger and fuller. This may be needed for cosmetic reasons or for reconstructive purposes, such as mastectomy after breast cancer, or correction of deformities. The reasons can be very personal and the decision should be made by you and your surgeon after understanding your needs, and more importantly your expectations.

You should be aware that a breast augmentation surgery does not automatically correct sagging or drooping breasts. A breast lift procedure may be required to rectify sagging breasts, which can be performed together with your breast implant surgery or independently, at a later date.

A well planned and executed procedure can help regain breast volume, get a better shape, reduce asymmetry, improve balance of breast & hip contours, increase fullness and size of breasts, and also help enhance self-image and self-confidence.Book a confidential consultation with our surgeon to discuss your needs.

Breast Augmentation is a common and popular procedure which will make your appearance different from your existing one. Nevertheless, it is a surgery, thus it is important for you to decide carefully before going ahead with your decision. Common questions that we suggest you ask yourself are:

  • Why do I need this augmentation?
  • Will it give me more confidence and contentment?
  • Will I be comfortable with this change?

Once you have answers to this and any other personal questions, you must then take the most important steps of identifying the best breast surgeon, and breast clinic in town. This will ensure that you get the best consultation, advice, and results for your desired procedure

A top breast augmentation surgeon is one who is appropriately certified, well qualified, has loads of experience, has worked with different solutions and techniques, and is well respected amongst his peers and patients. The surgeon should have a good track record of consistent and quality results. Also during your initial consultation, remember to ask him to share the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos depicting his work.

A well-known and respected clinic for breast augmentation is one which has a good team of surgeons, anesthetists, and nursing staff. Their location should be convenient and the premises should be approved by the medical authorities. They should have a reputation of successful surgeries, and their team should be able to explain the entire aspect of the procedures to you in detail.

Besides deciding whether or not to proceed with breast augmentation surgery, the surgeon & clinic, you will also need to make decisions – in consultation with your surgeon – on the implant size, type, and placement location.

Cocoona has been voted as the “Best Aesthetic Clinic” in 2016, and has all the necessary facilities to ensure a pleasant and happy experience. Our team will help you make a confident and informed decision.

Breast augmentation is indicated in following people:

  • Young women with very small breasts or hypo plastic breasts
  • Women after pregnancy or weight loss who have lost size of breasts
  • Women with mild to moderate sagging of breasts due to pregnancy, weight loss or aging process.
  • Asymmetrical breasts due to birth deformity.
  • Tuberous breast deformity where the shape of the breast is very narrow and tubular.
  • Reconstruction of breasts after breast removal surgery due to mastectomy or breast cancer.

A normally healthy woman, with stable blood pressure, not pregnant, nor currently breast feeding are generally good candidates. Being a non-smoker also helps. And importantly, you should be in the age bracket where your breasts have developed fully, which is a minimum of 18 years of age.

If you feel that some of these descriptions match you, come and talk to our experts, we will be able to guide you to the next steps towards having a fuller upper body.

A breast augmentation procedure has the following 3 variables:

  • Type of implants that can be used
  • Type of incisions that can be made
  • Method of placement of the implants

At Cocoona, we have the expertise across all these variables, and that is one of the reasons that we conduct the most number of successful breast augmentation in India.

Let’s look at what these variables are:


There are 3 main types of implants –

  • Silicone Implants
  • Saline Filled Implants
  • Fat Grafting or Fat Transfer from other parts of your body


Silicone implants were first produced in the early 1960s, and are still extremely popular. They are silicone shells filled with a plastic gel, which makes them feel more like real breasts than other options. The quality of the gel and the shell itself has evolved with time and research, making them quite long lasting and with a superior feel. These days highly cohesive silicone gel breast implants, also referred to as “gummy bear breast implants” are gaining popularity over traditional or regular silicone implants. The gel inside these implants is quite similar in structure to the “gummy bears” sweets – so even if there is any mishap, or leak, the gel does not drip out. More than 90% of women prefer silicone implants, which now come with up to 15 years warranty. These implants are available in both teardrop (natural anatomy shape) and round shapes.


Being softer, they feel more natural
In a sub-glandular position (above the breast muscle), they hold better
Lower chances of “rippling”
The insert, being gelatin in nature does not leak or drip easily
They are long lasting


To insert them, a relatively larger incision is needed
In the rare case of a rupture, it is harder to detect (silent rupturing); so regular screenings are essential


These are also silicone shells, but are filled with sterile salt water solution, similar to the fluid that makes up most of our body. The feel of these implants is much firmer than gel, less natural, and thus fewer women prefer this as an option.


A smaller incision is needed to insert the Saline filled implant
The fill level is adjustable, giving greater variability in sizes
In the rare case of rupture, the saline content is immediately dispelled from the body, and the change is obviously visible


Their feel is not quite natural
These usually require to be placed behind the muscles
Due to the liquid filling, it can cause rippling
Both the Silicone and Saline-filled implants come in different shapes, sizes, and texture. During your consultation with our surgeon, you will see samples of these and understand the pros and cons of each. Follow the surgeon’s advice on which would suit you the best.


In this method, instead of inserting a silicone or saline implant, the surgeon will take fat from another part of your body (liposuction), and after treating it, will inject it into the breasts, to help gain volume.

This process works well if the enlargement needed is not much (1 bra cup size only), or only upper part fullness is needed, or after a conservative breast cancer surgery has been done.


Use of your own body material, rather than an external insert.

Double advantage – get rid of excess fat from unwanted areas, and use for breast enlargement


Usually only 1 cup size change is possible with fat transfer
Possibility of transferred fat to be reabsorbed by the body
More expensive
Can cause mammogram readings to be misleading; in some rare cases also mimic cancer, causing some panic

Talk to our doctors on this method and seek their wisdom if this would work for you. Book an appointment.


There are 4 places on your body that the surgeon can do the incision to place the implant:

Below your breast – at the breast fold line: This is the most popular incision spot and preferred by patients and surgeons. In medical terms, this is known as Inframammary or Submammary Incision.
The scar can also be placed in the shape of a half-moon below the areola (the pigmented skin around the nipple). This is called the Periareolar Incision, and is suggested for women with a large nipple areola complex.
Very selectively, this incision can also be made in the Axilla (armpit). This is considered an option when the women do not want any scars on their breasts. It is also known as Transaxillary Incisions.
The least recommended method, also called as Transumbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA), involves incisions made in the umbilical area for inserting the implant. This is not a common incision method and is only ever done for saline implants.
Please feel free to discuss the benefits of each type of incision before deciding which is good for you. Our surgeon will recommend the best incision type suitable for you.


Most surgeons place the implants either:

Under the chest muscle – Submuscular (or Retromuscular) placement, or
On top of the muscle but under the breast glands – Subglandular (or Subfascial) placement.
Submuscular Placement ensures that the implant is not easily felt through the skin, because the muscle covers it. It also helps get a better image of the breast during mammography.

Subglandular Placement is a faster procedure during the surgery and its recovery time is shorter too.

A recent innovative technique is “dual plane” wherein the implants are inserted in “dual plane”, that means half under the muscle and half under the breast glands. This procedure is performed only in selected patients, post examination by a highly skilled plastic surgeon.

Yes, at Cocoona we have that expertise too. Dr. Sanjay Parashar is a specialist in dual plane breast implants. Come and talk to our surgeons to see which implant, incision, and placement method suits you the best.

The size and type of breast implant ideal for you is a decision that must be made in consultation with your surgeon. These decisions depend on factors such as your current breast size and shape, areola size, quality of breast skin, volume of breast tissue, your anatomy (height, weight, breast footprint, body ratios), your plans for motherhood, your expectations from the surgery, and various other factors.

It is not practical to expect transition from a cup size A to cup size DD in a single surgery. Nor is it possible that you dictate to the surgeon that you need a certain size/ type of implant, with a specific incision and placement. Your surgeon should guide you to what is right for you personally.

At Cocoona, our surgeon will do a detailed assessment of all relevant factors before suggesting what size, type, incision, and placement is appropriate for your specific case to deliver the best surgical outcome. We’ll make you try some “sizers” to give you an idea of the look and feel of your enhanced breasts. Our end objective will always be a natural-looking result that is apt for your body and goals.

Broadly speaking, pregnancy does not affect the breast implants. While you should consider future pregnancies in deciding about the size and placement of implants, pregnancy by itself does not hinder your implants. However, some aesthetic impact (in looks and shape) is possible due to pregnancy. During pregnancy, the breasts naturally enlarge or engorge, which will then shrink after you stop nursing your baby, resulting in some sagging skin. Dimpling of skin is also a possibility in certain types of implants. However, both these are aesthetic issues and don’t generally affect your implants per se. In fact, many women experience none or very minimal of such effects.

Please discuss in full detail with our consulting breast surgeon of your plans for pregnancy to get the right advice on the type of surgery best suited for you.

Doctors see no harmful effects on breast milk with either saline or silicone implants.

You will be able to breastfeed depending on the type and placement of your implants and the manner in which the surgery was done.

Sometimes, during surgery, milk ducts, glands or nerves may be damaged, which can affect milk production or milk flow.

Type of incision – The type of surgical incision made may affect your ability to breastfeed, if it is around or across your areola (“periareolar incision”). Incisions made under the breast, armpit or umbilical area are less likely to damage your milk glands, ducts and nerves.

Placement of implants – The position where your breast implants are placed may also impede breastfeeding. Implants placed under the chest muscle are less likely to impact your ability to breastfeed.

Many women are able to successfully breastfeed even with implants.

Make sure that you mention your pregnancy plans to our consulting breast surgeon so they will advise you on what you need to do to be able to breastfeed with your implants, and also how you can monitor and ensure that your baby is getting sufficient breast milk.

Breast implants today are definitely safer and more durable than in the past. However, they are medical devices, and like any other medical device, can fail over time, and may require a removal or replacement. The best types of breast implants today come with a 15 years life. So, depending upon your age at the time of surgery, you may need at least 1 re-operation, and you should take that into consideration.

At Cocoona, we use the highest quality breast implants that have a lifespan of 15 years. Additionally, the skill of our leading breast surgeons ensures that your surgery is done in the most technically proficient manner to ensure maximum longevity and minimal chances of revision surgery.

The cost of a breast augmentation surgery depends on the following:

Type of implant – Cost varies based on implant type and quality – silicone implants cost more than saline implants. Breast augmentation via fat transfer costs even more.

Technique – The technique used also affects the cost – based on incision type and location of implant.

Surgeon’s Expertise – The surgeon’s fee is based on their experience. Obviously, a reputed surgeon with an established track record of quality results will charge higher fees.

Clinic/ Hospital – Fees also depend upon the quality of the facility chosen for the operation, and also whether the procedure is done as outpatient (with twilight anesthesia) or as inpatient (with general anesthesia).

Geographic Area – Depending on the city/ area you decide to have your procedure in, your cost is likely be different. Larger metropolitan cities might cost more.

You should bear in mind that the expertise of your surgeon and your comfort factor with him/ her should be one the most important considerations than just the cost of the surgery. An initially cheaper option could turn out to be an expensive proposition in the long run.


As with any kind of surgery, there are risks that arise due to Anesthesia, the surgery itself, and in this case the implants.

Though the risks are unlikely, some of the possibilities are:

  • Due to Anesthesia – allergic reactions, chest infection, blood clots
  • Due to Surgery – scars, bleeding, infection, change in sensation, allergic reactions
  • Due to Implants – Capsular contracture (formation of scar or capsule around the implant), noticeable implants, implant failure or rupturing, breast droop

It is important for you to choose a surgeon and clinic which has an exceptional record in minimizing risks and complications.

For your information, Cocoona’s rate of complication is less than 0.8% annually since 2005 – clearly displaying our expertise and success as the best clinic in India and India for cosmetic surgeries..

The initial meeting with the surgeon is very important. It will give our experts an opportunity to better understand your needs, and they will be able to share their experience and explain the procedure to you.

A common goal of the outcome can then be established.

By this time, you should be clear on why you wish to undertake the breast augmentation surgery and what are realistic expectations.

Once you are clear about that, and have possibly discussed it with your family, or close friends, share the answers with the consulting surgeon. That will allow for a better understanding between you and the doctor, making you better prepared for the procedure.

Your consultation with our breast surgeon will include the following:

  • Your reasons, need and goals from the breast enhancement surgery
  • Your health, lifestyle and habits, ongoing medications, previous operations and relevant medical history
  • Your motherhood plans
  • Detailed measurements of your body/ anatomy, maybe some pictures too
  • Options available for your surgery, and which is best suited for you
  • Explanation of steps involved, what you can expect, potential risks

You may also be asked to get a mammogram or breast ultrasound before the surgery.

A bit of apprehension is natural, but don’t feel shy in discussing any issues that you may have in respect to your new look. These are essential to help plan your surgery better, and improve recovery time.

Our next section, gives a list of handy questions that you may want to ask our consulting breast surgeon. Do read that too. Print out the list and keep it handy so you don’t miss out asking any questions directly.

Now that you have gone through the basic questions in your mind, here are some of the other topics you should broach with your surgeon during your initial consultation with our surgeon …

About The Surgeon & Clinic:

How many years of experience do you have as a Plastic Surgeon?
How many breast augmentation procedures have you done?
What are the most common complications that your patients have had? And how were they handled?
Do you have a “before” and “after” photo album for this procedure?
What type of implants do you use – saline or silicone? What is your experience with each type?
What is your reoperation rate?
Where will the surgery be conducted?
Is the clinic prepared and certified to assist liposuction surgeries?
Do you have a licensed anesthetist on board?

About The Breast Augmentation Surgery:

Am I a good candidate?
What can I expect after the surgery?
What precautions would I need to take pre-surgery and post-surgery?
How many days will I take to recover fully?
What should I do for a quick recovery?
Will the shape and appearance of my body change over time? If yes, how?
What are the risks involved in this procedure?
What treatment option/ technique will be used for me?
Where will my scar be?
How long will the procedure take?
How soon will I be able to resume my normal activities at home and work?
What are the chances or situations in which I will need a reoperation?

About Breast Implants and Expected Results:

What is the nature, type & quality of implants that will be used – what shape, size and texture, and why?
How long will my implants last?
How will my breasts change over time?
What are realistic results for my specific case?
How will the implants feel?
How will pregnancy impact my implants?
How will the surgery impact my ability to breastfeed?
How will my cleavage change?
How easy is it to remove the implants?
How will my breasts change if I remove the implants?
How will I know my implants are intact and have not ruptured?
What ongoing care do I need to take of the implants?
What additional follow-ups will I need?
Will I be able to get mammograms or breast ultrasounds with implants? Will the results be accurate?
Can the size of the implants be increased or reduced in subsequent surgeries?

Please feel free to add any more questions that you wish to this list before your consultation session.

Print List of Questions

You can rest assured that besides these questions, our team of leading breast enhancement surgeons at Cocoona, will also tell you about the procedure in detail, and patiently answer all queries you need clarification on. Reach out to us.

Now that the decision has been made, we will work towards the transformation you so desire. Don’t be stressed – breast augmentation is the single most requested plastic surgery in the world, and our team excels in it.

Closer to the big day, an additional thorough consultation is required with the surgeon to finalize all details of the surgery and to once again ensure that you clearly understand the expectations and risks of the procedure.

You may be required to do breast mammography or ultrasonography.

You need to refrain from smoking and medications that can thin your blood. It is recommended to keep yourself fit and healthy.

The nurse will provide you with all necessary support bras and prescriptions for post-surgery care.

Our team of nurses, counselors and doctors will ensure you are fully equipped and ready for your surgery.

Breast augmentation is a quick procedure, and generally does not require an overnight stay. Its popularity also stems from the fact that the recovery period is small.

Immediately after the surgery, your breasts will be bandaged, and you will also be given a special bra that will help reduce the swelling, while also offering support to the breasts.

Your prescribed medicines will include pain killers, antibiotics, and ointment for the surgical area. A complete schedule of follow up appointments will be prepared for you, and the doctor will advise you on the physical activities that you may or may not undertake.

Usually women require a week or so to get back to normal work. Walking as an exercise is recommended, for harder exercise schedules like aerobics, a few more days are needed. Carrying heavy loads is not advisable during the first 7 – 10 days. It is advisable to take a week off from work – that usually suffices for most women.

The surgeon may also prescribe vitamins and provide dietary guidelines. Collectively all these will aid your recovery.

The nursing staff at Cocoona will ensure that your recovery package details are clearly explained to you and you can reach out to them anytime for clarifications.

While you may observe an immediate increase in breast size after the breast augmentation surgery, the final results will only be apparent after the swelling disappears and the skin stretching is completed. This might take a few weeks. Then the new shape and size will be apparent for you to admire.

The scars of the incision will take much longer to diminish

Over time, due to aging, expiry of implant life, hormonal issues, and weight fluctuations, your breasts might change. You may want to come back to us for a quick breast lift or implant replacement to get back the shape.

Breast Augmentation – why at Cocoona?

Cocoona has the correct equation – the top breast augmentation surgeon in Dubai and India, amongst the best facilities, and well-trained nurses and support staff. Cocoona does the most amount of breast surgeries in the area, and the surgeons are rated extremely highly among their peers and patients.

Overall, we have served over 20,000 patients. And our complication rate of less than 0.8%, is a testament to our expertise!

Dr. Sanjay Parashar, is arguably the most accomplished breast surgeon in Dubai and India. Besides being an author on the subject of plastic surgery, he is also a regular invitee to share his knowledge of cosmetic surgical procedures with surgeons across the world. His reputation among peers is unparalleled. His immense surgical experience when mixed with his artistic abilities, helps deliver amazing results for his patients. With him and our team at Cocoona India, you can be sure you are in the safest pair of professional hands and you will have a satisfactory outcome. Besides Dr. Sanjay, Dr. Lokesh is also a Dubai’s top surgeons of high repute who frequently visits India. Collectively, they have performed 2,100+ breast surgeries and 15,000+ cosmetic surgeries overall. Our specialist surgeons can deliver outstanding results and help you to gain a new beautiful form that will make you feel proud and confident.If you need breast augmentation in Dubai and India, you’ll be best taken care of at Cocoona.

Before/ after images:

Local regulations do not allow us to put up our before/ after pictures on our website. But please ask to see our before/ after images as proof of the results we have, and can, deliver.

Now, that you have more information about breast augmentation and about choosing the best surgeon and clinic for getting your surgery done, you have to make the decision.