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Post weight loss surgery/ Surgery after massive weight loss

Weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery is becoming very common these days. Bariatric surgeries are been opted by super obese people and it works in most of the cases and they are losing weight. Massive amount of weight is lost post surgery. These obese people get back in shape and look good in dress. But when they remove the dress, the fold and loose skin is not a pretty thing to see.

All these post bariatric cases can be treated with a plastic surgeon who has various options to treat after a massive weight loss surgery. These body lift operations can give them the desired look post correcting the sagging skin/tissues.

Few of the most common post weight loss surgeries are:

  • Lower body lift or tummy Tuck or 3D circumference lift
  • Upper body lift/ corrections on mid back
  • Arm lift
  • Breast lift or correction of male breast
  • Thigh + Buttock lift  [Often part of the tummy tuck as a 3D lift]
  • Inner thighs lift
  • Genitals lift the body areas which might not require any corrective procedure are the face, lower elbow, lower knee and they do not suffer much change post the weight loss surgery.Most common trend which is seen for these cases is they undergo the weight loss surgery but are ignorant/ignore the body lift corrections to give the desired look to their body. A plastic surgeon can help in removing the excess sagging skin, the fat cells, the tissues. Depending on patient to patient, combination of two or more procedures can be performed. There are few important considerations which need to be panned to avoid complications and give the optimum results.Post the surgery, patients feel more confident and also give them an impressive look. A plastic surgery is highly recommended post a massive weight loss surgery. Our consultant plastic surgeons are experience and have performed numerous “post weight loss surgery corrections”. Explore the various opportunities when you meet our Plastic surgeon at Cocoona.