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At Cocoona, we believe FAT is the future for augmentation.

Be it your face, butt, chest, calves, biceps, abs, or other body parts – more and more people are embracing Fat Grafting / Fat Transfer as the augmentation surgery of choice.

There are a number of approaches used by plastic surgeons around the world for body parts augmentation. Fat transfer / fat grafting is fast gaining popularity and we believe it is here to stay. The debate that implants are plastic and foreign has been going for a long time. The fear that most people have is what will happen if the implants break or if the body body rejects them. Though it’s just a fear and medical science over the years has evolved, and a good implant from a good company, and by a good surgeon, will not break or cause other issues, people still worry over having a foreign object in their bodies. While fat grafting is the future, it does not mean implants will die. They both are here to stay. Fat grafting has limitations like – percentage of acceptability. It is, after all, the patient’s own body fat and he/she can burn it over time. In addition to that, there are surgery cases wherein a surgeon has to work with both fat and implants. This is called as “Composite augmentation” and is applicable in both breasts and buttocks.

For example – in the case of Brazilian Butt Lift or buttock augmentation (also called gluteal enhancement or gluteal augmentation) – depending on the volume desired, a surgeon may need both the implants and the fat transfer. Similarly in breast augmentation, we often use both – this is called composite breast enlargement.

Over the last few years fat grafting has made significant advances, making it an increasingly preferred augmentation choice for patients today.


  • It enlarges the area uniformly and naturally.
  • The look and feel both are natural
  • There are no implants used
  • It’s a minimally invasive procedure, so no scars


A patients own excess body fat is used to expand/increase volume in desired areas and is also used to mould new contours, such as abs, biceps, chest, chest, buttocks, hips etc. The advantage is not just natural, the approach also means no scars, natural cleavages, naturally perky butts and early recovery. It’s a minimally invasive procedure and as natural as it can get.

Fat cells are abundant sources of adult stem cells with significant regenerative capabilities. Fat is naturally present in our bodies. Unfortunately, it is not distributed the way we would like it to be. We either have excess of it in some areas or have less in some. With fat grafting, we transfer the fat from the areas of abundance to the desired areas. Through Liposuction, we first extract fat from areas where there is excess fat, such as the abdomen, flanks, thighs etc. and then transfer to the area that is in need of fat.

The approach here is the fat is gently sucked out with low power vacuum and fine cannulas. The aspirated fat is then gently centrifuged or decanted to remove the fluid and blood content. The fat cells are then transferred using small syringes and fine cannulas.

Specifically talking of breast augmentation, fat is layered in the breast strategically below the muscle, above the muscle, at the base of the breasts and under the skin of the breasts. This technique distributes the fat evenly and prevents pooling of fat. Average 400-600 cc fat can be transferred to breasts depending upon the condition.

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Buttock Augmentation
  • Hip Enlargement
  • Hand rejuvenation
  • Body Contouring and Shaping
  • Face Rejuvenation

So, if you need to get the best results for Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery, or redistribute your body fat evenly for a breast augmentation, or butt enlargement, then Cocoona is your destination. Call us to know more or book a consultation.