Dr. Reema Arora

Dr. Reema Arora

MBBS, MSc Facial Aesthetics (London)

Dr. Reema Arora has been a national and international trainer in Anti-Ageing and Fillers for the past 8 years working for Allergan India Pvt Ltd. as Medical Head- Facial Aesthetics She has the credit of training over 500 Dermatologists and Plastic surgeons in the art of facial rejuvenation with injectables.

Dr. Arora has single-handedly revolutionized the use of Anti-Ageing and dermal fillers in India with new innovations and focus on Indian faces. She has perfected the art of using Anti-Ageing, volume amongst other injectables to rejuvenate, enhance and treat the whole face including -facial asymmetries, define various facial features like the nose, jaw, lips and excessive sweating.

Dr. Arora made the switch to cosmetic medicine in 2006 following her passion for Aesthetics. She has been trained in Australia, Korea, and Singapore with acclaimed dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Dr. Arora, a medical graduate of St John’s Medical College Hospital and a pediatrics postgraduate, has gone on to become a brand in herself in Facial Aesthetics, continually perfecting her well-honed skills. Being India’s leading Rejuvenation expert for over 8 years, Dr. Arora has always been a pioneer in Injectables. She constantly updates her techniques and extensive knowledge of the subject by attending training workshops and seminars.

Academic achievements:

  • Part of the International Consensus on the dosage of Anti-Ageing  at various sites, March 2008
  • Conducted the first cadaver workshop in aesthetics in India in September 2013 to revisit Anatomy.
  • Has conducted 2 RTM discussions with Indian doctors in Aesthetics in New Delhi
  • Are writing 2 textbooks on the Indian Injectable Experiences.
  • Has been a faculty at various National and International Aesthetic conferences.