Perfect Post Weight Loss Surgery in India

Millions of men and women around the world wage a daily fight against excess weight. Obesity is one of the most common disorders worldwide and those suffering from it try innumerable methods and techniques to get rid of the unwanted, extra weight. While dieting and regular exercising does help, some of the more extreme cases of obesity are only treated using bariatric surgery for weight loss.

After losing the extra weight the person wishes to get into a slimmer and more attractive form. However even after removing the additional fat from the visible parts of the body, there is still the loosened and sagging skin to take care of. This is the reason that despite losing so much weight such people still feel self conscious due to the unsightly saggy skin and stretch marks that are seen all over the body.

This is where post weight loss surgery becomes the ideal solution.

What is post weight loss surgery?

Cosmetic post weight loss surgery is any form of cosmetic surgical technique that helps the patient get rid of the last marks of being overweight, such as sagging skin and loosened underlying muscles on the body.

Top cosmetic clinics, such as Cocoona Center for Aesthetic Transformation in New Delhi offer excellent post weight loss treatment. The post weight loss treatment actually consists of a number of body reshaping cosmetic surgeries which are individually used to improve the shape of your body.

Some of the body reforming procedures included in the post weight loss surgical treatments include:

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck surgery, as the name suggests, is designed to reduce the paunch in the abdomen by removing the underlying fat cells, tightening the underlying supporting abdominal muscles and tissues and removing the additional skin over the abdomen using excision. This helps to make the tummy look flat and fit.

Upper Body Lift

Upper body lift surgery is focused on removing extra fat from the upper back and biceps to give the torso a fit and healthy look.

Arm Lift

Arm lift surgery is designed to remove the sagging skin and underlying fat cells from the upper arms, especially the flabby parts that are seen over the triceps. This is one of the commonly performed procedures in cosmetic anti ageing treatments and an essential part of post weight loss surgery.

Breast Lift / Gynecomastia

Post weight loss surgery also involves undergoing breast lift or breast reduction for women and Gynecomastia surgery for men to reduce the size of abnormally large male chest. Losing a significant amount of weight often leaves women’s breast drooping while men complain of the unsightly and noticeable large breast like protrusion on their chest.

Thigh Lift

Thigh lift surgery is also included in the post weight loss surgical treatment because the thighs are one of the most vulnerable body parts that accumulate fat. Thicker thighs can be reduced to be more proportionate to the rest of the body shape for men and women, using a cosmetic thigh lift surgery.

Cocoona Center for Aesthetic Transformation in New Delhi is the leading cosmetic clinic in India and is renowned for offering the best and most affordable post weight loss surgical treatment which has helped thousands of men and women to regain a youthful, slim and attractive body after a huge weight loss.