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Wrinkles are the signs of ageing, which any woman would hate to see on her face. These certainly include the static wrinkle, which is caused due to gravity, loss of skin’s elasticity and collagen. These wrinkles are often visible over the face irrespective of the muscle action. These are often seen there and hence are termed static. These wrinkles start in the form of dynamic wrinkles and eventually become static wrinkles. Some of these wrinkles are really more folds than the lines and thus can be static or dynamic. The deep lines that are seen running from the nose towards the mouth are called nasolabial folds. These are formed due to the gravity or due to chronological ageing.

Static Line Treatment:

There are several treatment options for the static kinds of wrinkles, which include chemical peels, lotions, creams, fillers, lasers. The right treatment option is based on the intensity of the problem people face. The effective options are the topical lotions and creams having some amount of retinoic acid help in reducing the wrinkles. These skin products help the skin cells to reduce the pore size and end up making the skin smooth. These also help in building up the collagen under the skin, which helps in keeping these ageing skins at bay. Also, the anti-wrinkle injections can be used to prevent the static wrinkles formation by stopping the signal between the muscles and nerves. Lasers can be an effective option in order to treat both severe and moderate kind of wrinkles.

And if nothing works, you have a resort in the form of laser treatment, which can be an effective option to treat both severe and moderate kind of wrinkles. All you need is a competitive medical spa or cosmetic clinic to fix these issues with utter care and professionalism.