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The Nasolabial Folds are also termed as smile lines/laugh lines that are basically facial features. These are two skin folds, which run from each side of the nose in order to corners over the mouth. It is defined by certain facial structures, which support the Buccal fat pad. These separate the upper lip from the cheeks. The term has the origin from a Latin word called Nasus for the nose and labium for lip. With growing age, you also face certain cosmetology issues with the ailment called Nasolabial fold. Hence, when you grow up, you may end up making the depth and length of Nasolabial fold. The Dermal filling can be used in order to replace the lost fats and collagen over the facial area.


One of the effective ways of treating Nasolabial fold is via filling agents. This has been a common approach required to reduce the prominent Nasolabial folds comes via using filler substance. This method helps in addressing the dermal atrophy that is associated with ageing and it contributes to the development of Nasolabial fold. When it comes to relying on this option, you need to check the quality of skin and the depth of the fold. However, if you are keen to have an effective treatment option for a longer run, plastic surgery is the best resort.

Plastic Surgery-

When it comes to treating Nasolabial folds plastic surgery comes as a ray of hope for many who all suffering from this issue. The following are the plastic surgical procedures:

  • Mid Facelift
  • Cheek Implant and
  • Nasolabial Fold Excision

You need a competitive plastic surgery clinic in your area. Take time to find out the best and you are certainly going to get rid of this issue.