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Mole Removal

Mole removal Delhi, India

Moles are basically blemishes of varying sizes and colors that can be often seen growing on the body, especially on and around the face. These can appear as raised or flat and can be small or large. Although not all types of moles tend to be harmful, it is still vital to ensure this with a complete examination by an experienced doctor or physician. This is especially more important if the moles start to alter in size or color and begin to irritate.

Mole Removal surgery

Although most moles tend to be harmless, if your

doctor or physician suspects otherwise, you will normally be advised to undergo mole removal surgery.Mostly, a mole removal surgery is advised in case the mole changes in shape and size and begins to exhibit discomforting symptoms.

This is a cosmetic surgical procedure which is quick and painless.

Mole Removal surgery procedure:

This surgery usually requires administering local anesthesia around the mole to prevent pain or any discomfort to you during the procedure.


The cosmetic surgeon will normally use a fine scalpel to remove the mole with the root. The wound is then closed with small stitches. Some smaller moles might need to be shaved down to level their surface with the surrounding skin.

Other than this, the cosmetic surgeon might also choose to use cryotherapy to remove the mole. This involves using super-cooled liquid nitrogen to destroy the mole with intense cold. Alternatively, the surgeon might also use the more advanced and efficient laser therapy to target the mole tissue and destroy it using intense heat.

Recovery after Mole Removal surgery

Few of these cosmetic mole removal surgeries might leave faint scars. The size and noticeability of the scar mainly depend on the type of mole as well as the treatment method used to remove it. Normally you will see a scab developing on the wound which will heal within a couple of weeks.

In case there is swelling around the wound it goes down within the first few weeks and the scars become eventually almost invisible within a year.

Potential risks associated with Mole Removal surgery

The mole removal surgery is almost totally risk-free with thousands of procedure successfully performed in the region every year.

However, if there is a risk of certain complications in your particular case the cosmetic surgeon will discuss these with you before you choose to undergo the procedure. In case, the mole is suspected to be cancerous, the surgeon might perform a biopsy and remove a sample to be sent to a pathology laboratory for a detailed examination of its tissue cells.

Moles are mostly not harmful but can become a cause of concern due to their size and location. If the moles are on or around the face it mostly tends to bring down the attraction of the face and you might feel you are better off without the mole. Get in touch with the most experienced and well-trained cosmetic surgeons to ensure that you get the best and most efficient mole removal surgery.