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There are two kinds of facial contouring

  1. Soft tissue continuing
  2. Bony facial contouring.
    Soft tissue contouring involves removing excess fat from unwanted areas of the face. As we age or gain weight fat accumulates in different parts of the face; lower part of cheeks, jawline, neck, chin. The shape of face changes for smooth oval to Apple or round shape. Soft tissue contouring is performed using a technique called” microliposculpturing” therefore the fat is suctioned out using fine cannulas. Laser assisted or Vaser liposuction is the most advanced technology to perform facial contouring.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia in a day surgery setting. Anaesthesia is infused using the tumescent technique that helps to numb the areas and prevent unnecessary bleeding. Laser or Vaser is used in controlled setting to liquefy the fat in the face. Then the fat is aspirated out using low power suction device or syringe.

Laser and Vaser allow to selectively target the fat without damageing other important structures. It also allows uniform skin contraction minimizing risks of skin irregularity or laxity.

Patient has to wear a chin support garment for 3-5 days almost 24 hours a day. Subsequently, they wear for 12 hours a day after work for three to four weeks.

The risk of soft tissue contouring involves bleeding, infection, nerve damage, skin irregularities etc.

Ensure you choose an experienced and skilled surgeon to seek soft tissue contributing for your face.

Soft tissue contouring also involves improving the contours of the face by adding volume and enhancing the cheeks, chin and or jaw line. Patients own body fat or fillers are used to inject in the cheeks, chin, jawline.

In a younger patient, soft tissue contouring with volume enhancement allows defining the facial features making them more attractive. In ageing people volume enhancement helps to rejuvenate the face by lifting the skin and reducing wrinkles and lines.

Bony facial contouring is performed for people with bony disproportion such as a large nose, small chin, large jaws or facial asymmetry due to trauma or developmental anomalies.

This surgery is performed by using a combination of techniques such as rhinoplasty. Chin augmentation, jaw bone remodeling, jaw surgeries etc.