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Lately, the mesotherapy has become the most sought facial treatment for both women and men. It works on the principle of delivering the ingredients into mesoderm (middle skin layer) employing either the electric pulses or needles. This face treatment method is an injection lipolysis that is designed in order to melt away the fat, which persists despite the exercises and proper diet. This procedure though is marketed as cellulite treatment but it also has emerged as the top facial treatment option for many.


Every time, the process of mesotherapy for your face treatment is carried out, the muscles in your check, mouth area, forehead and other areas over the face, it becomes disconcerting. This treatment targets the treatment of ageing skin that helps in replacing the vitamins, amino acids and minerals, which are found over the lower levels of skin which reduces as we age. The procedure involves injection specially prepared blend of medications that are placed just under the skin over the problematic areas.

The multiple injections employ a very fine needle that is administered instantly beneath the surface of your face skin. It helps in improving upon the circulation, boost hyaluronic acid levels. The treatment is minimally invasive but can invite a slight amount of discomfort can be experienced.

After the procedure-

After this mesotherapy face treatment, you can resume your daily chores within a day or day. The possible side effects come along in the form of small bruises that can easily disappear within few days followed by a bit of swelling over the injected areas that remains for around 12 to 36 hours.