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Ear Lobe Repair

Earlobe Repair Surgery In Delhi – India

An earlobe repair is a mainly cosmetic surgical treatment aimed at restoring the size and shape of the patient’s ears to restore a normal appearance to them. This surgery is also useful in helping correct damage to the ears incurred through an injury or a birth defect.

Although, this is purely a cosmetic surgical procedure, earlobe repair surgery helps to enhance your self-confidence through improving your looks.

Ear Lobe Repair

Need for Earlobe Repair

A patient is advised to undergo earlobe repair surgery when these types of tears are noticed on the ears:

  • Total split
  • Partial split
  • Existing split

Earlobe Repair Surgery

Although there are various types of earlobe repair surgeries the main aim of all these surgical procedures is to reconstruct and restore the appearance of the ear to a normal look.

Let us look at the most popular earlobe repair surgeries:

  • Partial cleft earlobe repair – This earlobe repair surgical treatment is mostly performed using the punch technique, when the cleft (cut) in the earlobe is less than 4 mm. The punch is slightly (1 mm) larger than the cleft, and is put perpendicular to the earlobe. This allows the surgeon to remove the cleft skin from the front and in a lengthwise manner.
  • Total cleft earlobe repair – This is a comparatively complicated procedure as the lower end of the earlobe is not recoverable. This surgery does not ensure that the original orifice will be retained.
  • Earlobe reduction – A larger-than-normal earlobe can be caused mostly due to genetic pre-disposition as well as a result of advancing age. This is also one of the more commonly performed earlobe repair cosmetic surgeries today. The cosmetic surgeon will remove a wedge-shaped portion of the large earlobe. The remaining ends are then joined together using fine disolvable stitches.

Potential Risks of Earlobe Repair Surgery

As is seen in almost all surgeries, the earlobe repair surgery also carries the potential of certain complications in very rare cases, such as:

  • Pointed lobe
  • Gradually increasing lobe
  • Unappealing scarring

In case any of these complications are seen, the surgeon can rectify them using simple reconstructive surgery.