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Breast Implant

Breast Implant Delhi, India

Every woman desires her body to be perfectly proportionate and has a healthy and trim figure. Often, we go to great lengths to lose weight and get in a healthier shape all around but we fail to realize that the loss in body weight (fat) also results in the loss in volume of the breast tissue, which causes sagging or drooping breasts which are undesirable.
At Cocoona, we understand your need to look youthful and attractive with a truly proportionate body from head to toe. The advance and efficient breast implant surgery at Cocoona helps you regain a young and more appealing upper body.

What are Breast Implants?

Breast implants are most helpful in reshaping the breasts to desired size and shape. This is usually required after a mastectomy for breast cancer (which removes the breast completely) as well as to reconstruct breasts in order to correct a congenital (birth) defect that affects the breast shape and size.

Breast implants are increasingly being used for gaining a more full and curvy figure to the upper body.

This is a completely cosmetic procedure performed at Cocoona by expert cosmetic surgeons and is done to improve the breasts’ appearance by altering their size, shape and firmness using artificial implant prosthetics.

Are there different types of Breast Implants?

The breast implants are classified into three different categories according to the filler material used inside them.

These are:

  • Saline solution – This is constructed of a shell of an elastomer silicone that is filled inside with a sterile saline solution.
  • Silicone implant – This is also made of an elastomer silicone outer covering but contains a thick silicone gel inside.
  • Composite filler – This implant also consists of an outer silicone elastomer shell filled with polypropylene string, soy oil or any similar substance.

What is the Breast Implant procedure?

Our expert cosmetic surgeons will first discuss the degree of change that can be given to your breasts. After the shape and size of the implant is selected by you and the cosmetic surgeon, you will be given a general anesthesia so the surgeon can perform the implant procedure without any form of pain or discomfort to you in its duration.

The surgeon will make incisions in the lower part of your breasts for easier access to place the implant. The surgeon will first insert a tissue expander to make adequate space (this is also known as ‘implant pocket’) for holding the breast implant in place. This tissue expander is then removed and the implant is placed and fixed to the proper place.

The surgeon will then stitch the incision closed. The surgeon might attach drainage tubes to your operated breasts for draining any excess fluid which might get collected.

Breast Implant Procedure