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Fat injections can be one of the best ways to appear slim and trim and even making the face wrinkle free. These are often termed as extensive procedure compared to the use of other cosmetic injectable fillers since liposuction techniques are involved. These procedures are used to extract the fat prior to injection. While the fat injection is termed as a non-surgical procedure, which is completed with local anaesthesia, it need local anaesthesia with sedation if big amounts of fat that are being collected via liposuction.

Fat injection can be a good option if you are physically healthy, have moderate degree of facial ageing and specific and realistic goals in your mind for improvement of the appearance. The procedure of fat injection for your body takes around 30 to 60 minutes. The fat is withdrawn from the targeted areas of the body with either the needle or via technique similar to the liposuction employing special suction.

As far as the result is concerned, it is instant in your body using fat injection and are treated areas can appear too much augmented at first owing to swelling. Over the time, the swelling would be seen subsiding and you would often be able to see the proper results in just 3-4 months. After this amount of time, you would lose the fat from the injected areas as your body is seen metabolizing it.