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Fusion Facial

Balancing your skin with harmonies of nature is really important. The fusion facial Treatment procedure helps in gently lifting our skin and tightening it over your face making it free from wrinkles and renewing the facial contours. The incision-free procedure is simple and quick and needs any downtime for normal activities. Unlike the lasers, this procedure can be carried on the patients of all the skin types.

De-tan Facial

A smooth and fair skin is one of the most prized assets of a woman. You go to extensive lengths to maintain that flawless and youthful looking face. However, at times, the light complexion tends to become dark, due to various factors. This is one of the biggest concerns for women who care for their appearance with enthusiasm.


Icy Glow Facial

Do you know that you can use ice cubes for your curing your face than simply using in your drinks? In fact, using ice over your face is one of the well kept secrets and finding the ice cubes today is very much handy than before. The beauty clinics also use the same ice cubes for the procedures like icy glow facial, which helps in repairing the issues on your face. This process has a number of benefits as it has no side effects and the results are instant that can be accomplished at affordable cost.

Anti Ageing Facial

As we age, we find our skin getting dryer and thinner. It loses collagen that caters it a plump and thick kind of appearance and elastin, which makes it snap back instantly. The time it takes for healthy young cells to migrate to the uppermost layer slow down that makes skin appear dull. Our faces are more exposed to the elements and find lines and creases from different facial expressions one can make.


Chemical peel

Chemical peel means the removal of pigmentation, dead cells, blemishes, and other skin disorders from the affected layer of the skin with the help of chemicals to regenerate a clean and smooth texture. Chemicals are basically organic acids applied by dermatologists during chemical peeling treatment. These acids penetrate deep in the skin and possess the ability to treat all skin problems.