img_chinPlastic surgeons use implants to emphasize the lines of your face. The implants will create a harmonic appearance of your face, helping you feel better about yourself. There are many types of implants made of various materials. They can emphasize the jaw line, the cheeks and create a better proportions between the chin and the cheeks.

Surgeons use implants to achieve better balance and create a younger look. Chin augmentation is also called mentoplasty. The operation is aimed to shape the chin by making it smaller or bigger. A larger chin can be created by an implant insertion or by surgery, which elongates the lower jaw. Smaller chin is achieved by reducing the size of the lower jaw. In many cases the surgeon will recommend mentoplasty for patients undergoing nose surgery, in order to fit the new nose to the face, thus creating more harmonic appearance. When seen from the side the size of the nose should fit the chin.

Implant insertion may take from 30 minutes to one hour. The surgeon designs the implant that fits your chin and then inserts it into a “pocket” located in front of the chin. A small cut for the insertion can be made inside the mouse, near the lower lip, or from outside, just below the chin. After the procedure ends the chin is bandaged using plasters to prevent swelling and implant movement. Bandages also help prevent uncomfortable feeling. The stitches can be removed after 5-7 days. In case the cut is made inside the mouse melting stitches are used and there is no need to remove them. The surgery can be performed using local anesthetics with sedative drugs and sometimes with general anesthesia.

Every operation has its risks. The implant may move from its original positioning. In such case you need to undergo additional procedure to replace it. Infection is rare, it can be treated with antibiotics and in some cases the infected implant will be removed and replaced by another one.

After surgery there is a strange feeling around the chin. Feeling hard to talk, smile or eat is normal. There may be blue marks around the chin and the neck. It is advisable not to participate in activities which may harm the chin. The surgeon will guide you regarding dental hygiene and eating.

The final results may take weeks, even months, to notice, therefore you must be patient.