The need for facial rejuvenation is different in Indian people as compared to European/American.

Indian patient goes through volume changes more than textural changes. As age advances men and women first start accumulating excess fat in some parts of the face:

  1. neck liftDouble chin
  2. Fat around the jaw line
  3. Heavy cheeks

The stage of sagging begins later in life with evidence of:

  1. Deep lines besides nose and mouth
  2. Jowls
  3. Excess neck skin

Face And neck lift is required in following situations:

  1. If there is excessive sagging in the midface
  2. Deep nasolabial folds with sagging skin
  3. Loose skin over the jaw lines
  4. Neck sagging and turkey neck

Face and neck lift in Delhi is a customized procedure for an individual person and it depends on the age, medical health, condition of the skin, expectations of the person, lifestyle etc.

Some people only require minimal lift that can be done as a mini face lift or mini neck lift. This is performed under local anesthesia as a day care procedure with the minimal recovery period.

The scar of a mini facelift is just in front of the ear and hidden in the crease and behind the tragus cartilage. Whereas in mini neck lift the scar is “U” shaped with an extension behind the ear.

People who are in their late 60’s with excess sagging skin, may require a full face and neck lift. The scar is hidden around the ear, it starts in the temporal hairline goes in front of the ear. It is curved behind the tragus of the ear and then It curves around the ear lobes and lies behind the ears. In some people with excessive neck skin, the scar extends in the hairline behind the ears. It may extend into the hairline behind the ear if necessary.

In men, the scar may be visible as they have short hair that cannot cover it. In such patients, the procedure is modified with breaks in the scar line and minimal skin tightening. The focus is more in deep muscle tightening with minimal skin removal. This reduces the tension on the scars and the scars are minimal.

Many patients benefit with a combination of the facelift and Micro fat grafting or lipo structuring of the face. In this procedure, fat is removed from some part of the face and added to other parts to give a youthful look to the face and neck.

The key to a successful facelift and neck lift is to keep it natural and simple with minimal risks and downtime.

The risks of infection, bleeding, nerve palsy, excessive scarring etc are prevented in expert hands and by following standard protocols.

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