Scar Reduction surgery in Delhi – India

Scars can be caused due to reasons, ranging from injuries to even certain surgical treatment procedures. Whatever be the cause of the scar if it is significantly large and noticeable then it becomes an unwanted attachment to your otherwise healthy and fine skin.

This is one of the main reasons that many thousands of people from across the globe undergo cosmetic scar reduction surgery to regain their smooth and clear natural skin.

Scarsscar reduction surgery

Scars are most commonly formed due to the natural healing process after an injury or a wound.

The treatment and appearance of the particular scars depend on several factors. Treatment requires taking into account the wound or cut’s size and depth as well as the location of the injury on the body. Apart from these, the other important factors are the patient’s age, sex, genes as well as ethnicity.

Types of Scars and their Treatments

Scars are categorized into:

  • Keloid Scars – These scars develop from an aggressive healing process of an injury. They tend to extend beyond the location of the injury. With time, this large scar hinders movement.
  • Contracture Scars – These scars are seen after a serious burn injury. This appears to tighten the skin over, and around, the burn wound and can also hamper movement if the scar is large is size or located close to a joint. These scars are more severe in nature and can also affect the underlying nerves and muscles beneath the skin.
  • Hypertrophic Scars – These types of scars appear as raised, reddish scars that are similar in appearance to Keloid scars. However, these are restricted to the limits of the injury.
  • Acne Scars – These are mostly seen after a person has experienced severe case of acne. This often leaves noticeable pitted scars in the face. These can range from mild small bumps on the skin’s surface to more noticeable angular and larger scars that create small pit-like formations on the skin.

 Scar Reduction Surgery

Scar reduction surgery is aimed at minimizing the noticeable scarring and make the scarring more discrete so it blends with the surrounding normal skin. Although this surgery does not aim to remove the scar completely it helps to match the scar tissue to the texture and tone of the surrounding healthy skin.

There are various methods used when performing a scar reduction surgical procedure. The specific type of treatment for you will mainly depend on the size, type and location of the scar, along with other similar factors.

These are the various types of scar reduction treatment methods:scar reduction

  • Surface Treatments – This is one of the more reliable methods for improving superficial scars mainly. This method involves abrasion of the irregularities in the skin and facilitating pigmentation of pigmentation-deficient parts. Some of these treatment methods require using mechanical devices for polishing the irregularities out of the skin or laser beams that help altering the unevenness of the skin surface.
  • Surgical Reduction – This is a pure cosmetic surgical treatment for scar reduction. In this the surgeon will require closing the scars with multiple layers. This is a multi-level process which works from inside out to repair the various layers of skin that the scar has affected.

The experience and training of the cosmetic surgeon, along with your overall health status also decide the success of the scar reduction surgery treatment.