A body lift is a plastic surgery body procedure which is used for getting rid of large folds of fleshy and droopy skin that people experience after sudden weight loss, gastrointestinal surgery or as a result of aging

Who Should Opt For A Body Lift?

body-liftMore often than not, very obese people who lose a lot of weight suddenly are left with fleshy, sagging folds of skin as an aftermath. With the fat gone, the skin sags in a baggy style that is not just bad to look at, but cumbersome to carry around on a leaner, healthier figure.  Unfortunately, there aren’t many exercises that can help one get rid of all the extra flesh and skin that one accumulates when gaining weight. Anybody who wants to get rid of droopy flesh on the body can consider this kind of surgical body contouring. Only a qualified plastic surgery specialist will be able to tell you whether you are fit for the procedure or not.

The Body Lift Procedure

Body liftscan be used for either contouring the lower body or for toning up the entire body. Belt Lipectomy and Tumescent Body Lifts are processes that involve a tummy tuck with thigh and buttock lifts. The procedures can be carried out under local or general anesthesia and all at once or in stages. A full body lift involves total body recontouring and covers everything ranging from the abs, thighs, legs, hips, knees, arms and waist to the back, chest and breasts.

Body Lift – Benefits

With a body lift, you can get a tight, toned and good looking body by getting rid of ugly sagging flesh and skin in one go.

Body Lift – Risks and Side Effects

A body lift carries the risk of infection, bleeding and other common risks associated with surgery. Many people may not like the shape of their bodies after a body lift and in some cases, a lift may leave your body asymmetrical.