Cavitation Treatment:Cavitation is relatively a new cosmetic treatment option for body contouring. It employs cutting-edge technology that converts fat cells into the liquid that helps in draining the natural filtration system of human body naturally. Generally, one cavitation session can last around half an hour wherein a single part of the body is treated. One has to pass the 72 hours to get the next session, which helps in reducing the fat. The minimum suggested a number of fat cavitation sessions can last in between 6 to 10. One can use this treatment option for targeting localized thighs, abdomen, buttocks, flanks and other areas, whilere there in no real limitation found in the areas.

Is cavitation safe?

Cavitation is a painless treatment option, therefore you can find mild redness appearing over your body but it hardly can cause any amount of pain. The heat from the hand pieces is felt only during the treatment is perfectly tolerable. This treatment option is a non-surgical procedure, which comes along without anesthesia that happens to be a non-invasive option without having any downtime experienced after the treatment.

Can you lose weight with cavitation?

Hence This procedure helps in losing weight but to reshape the body. It is especially indication for the reduction of adiposity, which the popular love handles will not leave with diet and exercise. This treatment also removes the cellulite, which further prevents the fat cells from recurring over the treated areas without actually damaging the vascular system.