The procedure of Carboxy is among the new treatments that is creating a decent amount of buzz in the cosmetic venues all across the globe. Ironically, not many of the people know about the therapy. This therapy is used to treat cellulite issues along with settling your stretch marks and reduces even the effects of the old injuries and wounds using carbon dioxide in order to restore the lost appearance and shape of healthy skin.

Carboxy Uses:

This procedure is used for the treatment of cellulites and stretch marks. As far as cellulites are concerned, the patients get away from the cellulite due to its effects over the fat cells. The carbon dioxide is easily able to destroy a majority of fat cells found beneath skin. Apart from these effects seen over the fat cells, the carbon dioxide is also used in boosting the amount of blood reaching out the fibrous tissues layer beneath the skin. Hence your skin will appear healthier owing to the increased blood supply, your fibrous tissues that can get firmer and thicker with fewer amounts of fat cells found in between.

How it works:

First of all your cosmetic expert will examine your body and then would decide the amount of carbon dioxide is used in order to inject in the area. The session will take around 10 to 15 minutes wherein the carbon dioxide will be injected under the skin employing every minute caliber needle. This process is very much simple and there is no recovery period and you do not need any anesthesia that is involved in the session.