Best Breast Lift Surgery in India

Best Breast Lift Surgery-Women with proportionate physical attributes are considered utmost attractive. When your assets are well-shaped and match the size of the rest of your body, you not only look good but also feel great. Breasts are such assets that define the shape of your upper body. Every woman wants to have youthful, perky breasts however advancing age, pregnancy and other such factors tend to affect the size and shape of breasts noticeably.

Thousands of women in their 30s and 40s in India complain about losing the naturally attractive shape and size of their breasts. Sagging, abnormally large breasts are a common complaint after undergoing childbirth among women.

Fortunately, the cosmetic breast lift surgery is an excellent solution to reshape their misshapen breasts into perky and firm shape. Cocoona Centre For Aesthetic Transformation is undoubtedly one of the top leading cosmetic clinics in India for undergoing successful and affordable cosmetic breast lift surgery.

What is Breast Lift?

A Best Breast Lift Surgery, also called as ‘Mastopexy’, is a cosmetic surgery that improves the shape of breasts in women. The breast lift surgery involves removing extra skin and tissue from the breasts and reshaping them into more proportional and perky form.

Although the this surgery is not aimed at changing the size of your breasts, it is excellent to tighten the underlying stretched breast tissue and thus reshaping your breasts into a more attractive form.

•Fluctuating weight –

Sudden increase and decrease in your weight result in loss of elasticity in breast tissues in women.

•Pregnancy –

As lactation tends to make the breasts fuller and heavier, this causes the underlying breast ligaments to become stretched and lose elasticity eventually.

•Ageing –

With passage of time, breasts tend to sag lower and lower because of loss of elasticity from the gravity.
If you notice that your breasts sag visibly, your nipples point downward or even if your areolas get disproportionately stretched, then it is highly advisable to consult the cosmetic experts at Cocoona Centre For Aesthetic Transformation now.
A consultation appointment will help you discuss your individual case in details with the expert cosmetic surgeons at Cocoona. All your misconceptions, doubts and queries will be resolved. The cosmetic surgeon advises undergoing several imaging tests to draw the best surgical plan and get you the most successful results.

Benefits of Breast Lift surgery at Cocoona Centre For Aesthetic Transformation

Thanks to the immensely expert cosmetic surgeons on board and the use of the latest in cosmetic surgical equipment, Cocoona has made itself a leader in providing the best and most affordable cosmetic treatments in India today.

Some of the top benefits of undergoing this surgery at Cocoona Centre For Aesthetic Transformation are:

1.Youthful breasts – A breast lift surgery is remarkably efficient in reshaping sagging breasts into their original, younger perky form.

2.Confidence boost – Once your breasts are rejuvenated into their younger and more attractive shape, you will notice an incredible boost to your confidence.

3.Clothing options – In addition to boosting confidence by improving the shape of your breasts, the breast lift surgery also opens up a variety of new options for clothing that were not comfortable to wear earlier with sagging breasts.

4.Treat breast irritation – The surgery will noticeably lift your sagging breasts and thus prevent the constant skin irritation normally seen in women with abnormally drooping breasts.

Cocoona Centre For Aesthetic Transformation offers the best, most successful and efficient cosmetic breast lift surgery in India.