Best Body Lift Surgery in India

Body Lift Surgery

A beautiful body comes with an attractive form. Lifestyle, genetics and diet play an essential part in determining our health and physical form. Health conscious individuals try every trick in the book to lose excess weight and reduce their body fat incredibly. However, the weight of the underlying fatty tissue tends to make the skin over these parts sag down. Seeing the sagging skin on your body is a big disappointment. Unfortunately, there are currently no topical treatments and creams that can resolve unwanted, saggy skin on your body.

Thankfully, cosmetic body lift surgery offers the best solution to mold your body into a well-defined and attractive shape. Body lift treatment is excellent to transform yourself into a shapely and more attractive person. Experts suggest choosing Cocoona Center for Aesthetic Transformation in New Delhi to get a successful and satisfactory body lift treatment in India.

What does a Body Lift surgery do?

Cosmetic body lift surgery is aimed at reducing the sagging of skin on various parts of your body. This procedure works to strengthen the loosened supporting tissues which connect the skin and the muscle/fascia underneath. Obesity, pregnancy, ageing, diet and lifestyle are the major reasons that our skin eventually loses its original elasticity. This results in visible folds and deep furrows on the skin in various parts of the body. This is especially disappointing after you have undergone a drastic weight loss treatment to get in shape. The sagging, unwanted skin seems to be the only obstacle remaining to cross and achieve your dream of having a perfect and appealing body.

Who should choose to get Body Lift surgery?

Cosmetic body lift is an ideal solution if you suffer from excess, unwanted sagging skin on your neck, back, arms, tummy, sides, buttocks and thighs. This aesthetic-enhancing procedure is immensely useful if you have undergone recent weight loss, pregnancy or wish to remove visible saggy skin visible sign of ageing.

A detailed consultation with expert cosmetic surgeons, such as those at Cocoona Center for Aesthetic Transformation, will include a complete physical checkup along with checking your medical history. The cosmetic surgeon will enquire about any medical disorder you may be currently suffering from. Experienced cosmetic surgeons will also take into account whether your expectations with the end result of the cosmetic body lift surgery are practical and realistic.

In short, if you notice obvious sagging skin on any part of your body and have no major underlying medical disorder along with practical and realistic expectations then you may well be the ideal candidate to undergo cosmetic body lift surgery at Cocoona in New Delhi.

How is Body Lift surgery performed?

Body lift surgery is a combination of cosmetic procedures that are aimed at improving the skin quality in various parts of your body. Normally, the cosmetic surgeon will mark the areas where the skin is visibly sagging. After administering general anesthesia to prevent you from feeling any discomfort, the cosmetic surgeon carefully makes incisions along the marked lines.

These incisions help the cosmetic surgeon to access the fascia underneath the skin. Using the advanced and effective Lockwood’s procedure for SFS (Superficial Fascia Suspension) the expert cosmetic surgeons will use liposuction technique to remove all extra fat cells. Next, the cosmetic surgeon will pull the loosened supportive tissues between the skin and muscles on the part of the body.

Special strong sutures are then used to keep the elevated skin in place, thus removing visible sagging of the skin successfully.

Get in touch with the expert cosmetic specialists at Cocoona Center for Aesthetic Transformation now to get the best, most satisfying and extremely affordable body lift surgery in India.