Best Benefits of Weight Loss Surgeries

At times when you are worried about losing your fight to obesity, cosmetic weight loss surgeries become the ideal solution. If you have been struggling to lose those extra pounds unsuccessfully from a long time then it’s the chance to choose cosmetic bariatric surgeries and get rid of the excessive fat for good.

Conventional weight loss techniques, such as strict dieting and regular workouts work wonderfully for losing minimal amount of excess weight. However for those suffering from medium to severe obesity these methods are often unsuccessful and unsatisfactory. This is when doctors may suggest you undergo cosmetic weight loss surgeries to get into a healthy shape.

What are Cosmetic Weight Loss Surgeries?

Cosmetic weight loss surgeries are designed to help you lose unwanted, additional weight which is not decreased by simply using conventional weight loss techniques. There are several different types of weight loss surgeries.

Some weight loss surgeries work to restrict the amount of food intake while others help to ensure that the food you eat is digested at a slower rate so as to avoid accumulating fat tissues in the body.

In general, weight loss surgeries are categorized into two types:

1. Malabsorptive Bariatric Surgery –In this, the large intestine which is responsible for helping to digest the food through digestive enzymes, is bypassed for a major part so as to ensure that lesser amount of food is digested, thus lowering the calories and helping to lose additional weight by preventing the extra food to be converted into fat cells.

2. Restrictive Bariatric Surgery –– In this, the amount of food intake is restricted by decreasing the volume of the stomach. This tends to not only restrict extra food intake but also slows down the digestion process which inherently works to prevent accumulation of fat cells in the body.

Some of the most common and successful bariatric surgeries include:

• Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery – This surgery aims to restrict food intake by creating a small pouch from the upper portion of the stomach. The small intestine is used to connect the upper portion of the stomach with the large intestine.

• Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding Surgery – This is another restrictive form of bariatric surgery and is performed using minimally invasive surgical technique. In this, an adjustable surgical band is implanted about the upper opening of the stomach to create a smaller pouch from the overall stomach. The band only allows a small amount of food to pass to the lower portion of the stomach and slows down the digestive process, thus preventing development of additional calories.

• Sleeve Gastrectomy – This is another restrictive bariatric surgery and requires removing a large part of the stomach. A tube-like smaller portion is left intact to digest the food slower than normal and prevent accumulation of fatty tissue.

• Biliopancreatic Diversion (Duodenal Switch) Surgery – This is yet another type of restrictive weight loss surgery and is quite similar to Sleeve Gastrectomy. The difference is that in this surgery, the surgeon will remove a major portion of the stomach to restrict its capacity of food intake.

Best Benefit of Weight Loss Surgery in India

Some of the best benefits of choosing to undergo weight loss surgery in India at leading cosmetic clinics, such as Cocoona Center for Aesthetic Transformation in New Delhi is the rate of success, level of efficiency and extreme affordability.

The team of highly skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeons uses the latest in cosmetic tech to ensure that every patient is provided with truly world class surgery and amenities so as to make their weight loss surgery extremely satisfactory and cost efficient.