The Beauty Mela will give every-one an opportunity to take care of their body and beauty. There are number of advance treatments available today that can make a lot of difference. These treatments are no more just for the people on the screen. They are affordable and accessible to anyone who wants to look their best. With the festival the price are even low and a perfect opportunity for people to try these treatments without putting strain on their wallets.

For someone new to the world of medical spa, they should definitely try one of the medical facials. The result will be a remarkable difference on their skin health. The key differences in a medical facial and a non-medical facial are, the knowledge and expertise the therapist brings on the table, customization of the treatment to the individuals skin/body type and use of latest machines and technology for ultrasound, radio frequency, fractionated laser and many more.

There are a number of other treatments for various issues, such as acne, dark circle, dead & dry skin, spider vein, wrinkle, scar, stubborn fat etc.


  • 1) Skin Booster Therapy

    Rs 15,000/- (Original price Rs 20,000/-)

  • 2) Fairness Facial

    Rs 2000/- (Original price Rs 3500/-)

  • 3) Face Laser

    Rs 1000/- (Original price Rs 3000/-)

  • 4) Special Face & Hand Package
    a) Fairness Facial
    b) Laser Hair Reduction (face)
    c) Skin Tightening & Hand Rejuvenation

    Rs 6000/- (Original price Rs 12,000/-)

  • 5) Flaunt your ab's in a saree this Karwachauth with just 3 sessions of non-surgical fat burning treatment

    Rs 7500/- (Original price Rs 15,000/-)

  • 6) Hair Fall Treatment at Just

    Rs 25,000/- for 3 session of PRP

  • 7) Laser Full Body Offer

    Rs 90,000/- for 6 session (Soprano Ice) Original price is Rs 1,50,000/-)

  • Special Prices on surgeries booked in October.

  • 8) Hair Transplant For Only

    Rs 50,000/-

  • 9) Liposuction 1 Area for only

    Rs 70,000/-onwards


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That's not it, we will ensure you go back happy with the deal of a lifetime. We will be offering you great prices for all surgeries. And remember these prices won't come again, so book now and reserve your price.


Here are some of the treatments we provide.

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Beauty Mela_facelaser1
Beauty Mela_fairness1
Beauty Mela_fb
Beauty Mela_skinbooster1
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