Face changes with age causes wrinkles and folds.

Face wrinkles are of two kinds:

  1. Dynamic wrinkles: These wrinkles are formed only when we move our muscles of the face. These are commonly seen on the forehead called as “worry lines” and “frown lines” and besides the eyes called as “smile lines”.
    These lines start appearing at a very early age of 25-26 years and are more commonly seen in people with thin skin such as in Europeans and North Indians. Males often get strong frown lines due to over activity or abuse of forehead muscles.
  2. Static wrinkles: These lines are long-lasting wrinkles in the forehead, frown lines ( also called “number 11 lines”) and side of eyes called as “crow’s feet”. They are visible even if a person is not using any expression muscles of the face. They make one look angry, tired, aggressive and aged.

Dynamic and static wrinkles are also noted in cheeks, chin, and neck in some people.

Folds also appear on the face as age advances. These folds or depressions start under the eyes and can be seen at a very early age. They are recognized as “under eye dark circles”. Another area where folds can be bothersome is beside the nose and mouth. They are referred as ” nasolabial folds” and “marionette lines”. These folds make one appear sad and depressed. There are two main reasons for such folds, Gravity, and age-induced skin laxity, and excess weight loss with time.

Treatment of wrinkles and folds:

Treatment depends on the type of aging problem and age of the person. Most importantly depends on the area of concern that affects a person.

If dynamic wrinkle is worrying a patient than Anti-Wrinkle injections are more effective to relax the muscle and reduce the wrinkles. Popularly known as “anti-wrinkle” and ” dysport” injections.

If static wrinkles are more area of concern then treatment varies. Use of Anti-Wrinkle injections is certainly recommended to relax the muscle and prevent further deepening of wrinkles. Some wrinkles can be treated with filler injections that are hyaluronic acid based ( natural fruit extract). Other wrinkles may benefit from peeling or fractionated CO2 lasers.

Folds and depressions are best treated by filler injections or fat grafting. Filler injections are temporary but long-lasting and safe without many risks. Fat grafting is a procedure that involves removing your own body fat and injecting by special techniques called as Micro fat and Nanofat grafting.

Treatment options:

  1. Anti-Wrinkle injections average 20-40 International units are required in each patient for a satisfactory result that may last from 4-6 months. The procedure is simple with minimum pain and risks provided administered by qualified and experienced doctors.
  2. Filler injections are non-animal origin hyaluronic acid based fillers. This is performed under local anesthesia and requires 20-40 minutes. There is minimal risk of bruising and swelling. Inexperienced hands may cause lumpiness, infection etc. The filler lasts average from 6 months to a year. The filler has an accumulative effect that means after few years of repeated injection body forms its own collagen to retain the volume for a long period of time.
  3. Peeling: Peeling involves removal of top layers of the skin and this reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Regular peeling inexperienced the quality of the skin by neo-collagen formation.
    There are different grades of peels from mild peels like alpha hydroxy acid-based to strong ones such as Tricarboxy acid ( TCA peels) peels. Your doctor will be able to guide you based on your skin type and severity of the wrinkles.
  4. Fractionated CO2 laser: This is a special laser that helps to remove the top layer of the skin in a controlled manner and also encourages skin tightening by collagen formation. A person may require few sitting for a satisfactory result.

There are several other treatments such as mesotherapy, derma roller, PRP, radiofrequency etc but the above four are the most researched and used worldwide by professionals and experts.

The cost of wrinkle reduction depends on upon the type of treatment required by you.

Anti Wrinkle Treatment