At times, how women perceive the way she looks at the vaginal region can give shocking impact over her life. It can hamper her confidence, reduce her urge for sexual desire and passion, ruin their love life or even give vaginal discomfort. This is the reason why more and more women are seen treading the path of genital reconstruction. Genital is sexual organs discovered in the pelvic region. These are categorized into internal and external genitals. The external genitals in women include vulva, labia, clitoris, vaginal opening and urinary bladder. The cosmetic surgeons dealing with these procedures understand the sensitivity of this subject and carry out the surgery that helps women to revive their lost passion about sexual activities.

What is Female Genital Reconstruction?

Female genital reconstruction is a surgical procedure, which is carried out in order to remove the damaged/diseased tissues of the genital area and thus restore its normal function and structure among women. The goal of these procedures is to improve upon the vaginal area aesthetically along with improving upon the functions of the organ.

Types of Female Genital Reconstruction:

The common Female genital tract reconstruction can include simple procedures like split-thickness skin grafts or more complex ones like the use of muscles, skin and muscle flaps. Complete vaginal reconstruction is among the commonly employed for the absence of the vagina. In this procedure, the vagina is constructed by simply creating space in between the urethra and the anal canal and lining it with the help of skin graft/skin flap.