Enhancing your appearance with an arm lift

arm liftLoose upper arm skin is often related to weight loss. Ever been overweight, people more than likely develop heavy upper arms. The skin on the upper arm stretches in order to accommodate the increased volume of the upper arms. After weight loss, skin often fails to tighten, and so it sags. The way to improve such problem is through an arm lift (Brachioplasty).

Liposuction Plastic Procedure: is this an option?

Liposuction is not the solution for arm lift if the problem is due to loose skin. Liposuction is a better choice is when there is a lot of fat and the skin is tight. When the skin is loose, an arm lift is usually the best choice.

Arm lift Plastic Procedure: incisions and Scars

Scars are the greatest drawback of arm lift plsatic procedure. They will extend from the armpit to the elbow, along the inside of the arm. The arm lift operation exchanges one cosmetic problem (loose skin) for another (scars). In general, those with very loose saggy skin are most likely to find this exchange worthwhile. Those with a small amount of looseness will probably not want the scars.

During Arm Lift Operation

Anesthesia: General or sedation.
Location of the Plastic Surgery operation: Office or hospital.
Length of the Plastic surgery: 1-2 hours
Length of stay: Outpatient (home same day).

After Arm Lift Plastic Operation

Discomfort: Mild to moderate, expected 2-5 days of prescription pain medication.
Swelling: improves within 14 days.
Bruising: rarely.
Bandages: removed in 1-7 days.
Stitches: absorbable.
Back to work: 3-7 days.
Exercise: May be resumed in 2 weeks.
Final result: about 6 months, after the scars have matured.

Tips and Traps of Arm Lift

Arm lift plastic operation involves the exchange of one cosmetic problem (loose skin) for another (scars). If a candidate is unwilling to accept scars, they should not undergo this operation, since no surgeon can predict how the scars will heal on a specific patient.

Arm lift is for loose skin. If the main problem is heavy arms due to excess fat, then liposuction may be a better option

Thigh Lift

A Thighplasty procedure, also known as a Thigh Lift procedure or a Thigh Contouring procedure, is intended to lift and reshape thigh skin that is unattractively saggy and dimpled. Many candidates for a Thighplasty procedure have excess skin as a result of weight loss, or simply because of the natural effects of aging. A Thighplasty procedure removes excess fat and skin from the inner and outer thighs to create a tighter, firmer, more toned thigh appearance.

There are a number of different ways to perform Thighplasty surgery, depending on the areas of concern.

Thigh-LiftInner (or Medial) Thigh Lift – The inside of the thighs are very difficult to shape through exercise. An Inner Thigh Lift procedure involves an incision along the junction between the thigh and pubic area and removal of loose skin, and if necessary fat.

Outer (or Lateral) Thigh Lift – This procedure tightens the skin on the front and outside of the thigh.

Inner (Medial) Thigh Lift with Liposuction- This procedure tightens the skin at the top of the inner thigh; the effects do extend further down the inner thigh than a lift alone lift.

A Thighplasty procedureis a major cosmetic surgery procedure. All Thighplasty procedures are performed under a general anaesthetic. When the Thighplasty procedure is combined with a liposuction procedure, the entire process can take from two to four hours, but it really depends on the individual patient as well as the situation. The incision is very inconspicuous and is located in the groin beneath the bikini line. It has a tendency to heal slightly wide and dark but this gets better over time.

Drains are used for two days. These are soft and comfortable and removed without pain. You can shower on the second or third day after surgery after the drains are out. Dressings and a light compression garment are used for several days. The stitches are removed at ten days.

The Thighplasty procedure can be combined with other plastic surgical procedures. Such as a Buttock Lift, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, or Breast Lift procedure.

After recovery from a Thighplasty procedure, the patient can go home after several hours, but it is more comfortable to stay overnight. The patient should plan on taking at least 3 weeks off work. You will feel tired and sore for 3 to 7 days after surgery. A compression garment is worn continuously for 2 to 3 weeks, and then at night for a further 2 to 3 weeks. This will help define the new contour of your thighs.

Activities that increase your heart rate above 100 beats per minute for 3 weeks are not recommended.

All surgical procedures carry a risk of infection, bleeding, and reaction to anesthesia. Specific Thighplasty risks can include scarring, nerve injury, and tissue damage.

The result of a Thighplasty procedureis beautiful, tightened, lifted and flattened contour to the thighs. A more confident and comfortable feeling in clothing, especially sports wear and jeans. If there is continued sagging or weight loss, then a second touch up procedure can help. A natural and presentable appearance in the first week that just gets better over the next three to six months

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