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Plastic Surgery – Delhi at Cocoona Clinic

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Looking attractive, presentable and beautiful are the desires of every human being. However, for various reasons, at times our looks tend to get marred by various factors, such as ageing and environmental factors that take a toll on our looks and make us wish to become more attractive or to restore the beauty we had in our youth. With advances in plastic surgeries, there are numerous ways for a person to improve their looks, not only facial but also physical which can make them more attractive and enhance their self-confidence. Read More

Hair Transplant – An Easy Solution to Baldness

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Lesser Known Reasons of Baldness or hair loss

Everyone is familiar with the common causes of Hair Loss like Stress, Anxiety, Aging and Cancer treatments. But did you know your excessive hair loss or baldness can be a by-product of certain latent diseases in your body like Hypothyroidism, Vitamin A over intake or Autoimmune disorders? Polycystic ovary syndrome can also be on one of the causes of excessive hair loss. Read More

Rhinoplasty : WHY , HOW and WHERE

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Rhinoplasty delhiWhat is Rhinoplasty?

In common man’s terms, it is what you call “the nose job”. Often we have heard actresses and celebs “going under the knife” to get a “ nose job” done. Infact when some surgeries go wrong and we notice the abysmal difference in the celeb’s face and then we find out .. Oh! She has done a surgery on her nose. That is exactly what you call Rhinoplasty in medical terms. Read More

Go Brazalian with Suprano ICE

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Laser Hair RemovalIf there is one part of the anatomy that can bring about uneasiness, it’s our ‘nether regions’. It’s in trend and considered Sexy, is being bald,bold and beautiful down there.  Bikini hair removal is also known and popular by the term Brazilian.

There are a few options, such as hair removing creams, shaving, waxing. Laser is most popular and the indeed the best solution because waxing is not fun, it’s painful, particularly ‘down there’. Whilst shaving causes bruises and makes hair coarse and creams are known to burn the skin and make the area darker. All of which is undesirable.

When you look at Lasers, There are many types available, one needs to ensure they are at the right place in the right hands. The latest laser machine the Soprano ICE is considered to be the best.  It has combination technology – Diode and Alexandrite. It is also safe for all skin colors and hair types. Do ask your Med Spa if they have this. Read More

Waist Sculpting and 3D Body Contouring treatments for the figure and physique one desires

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3D-Body-Contouring3According to Dr. Sanjay Parashar, “The human body is a wonderfully three-dimensional structure made up of countless interconnecting curves and mounts. A skilfully slanting neck glides into sharply angled shoulders that lead into the firm swell of a breast. An abdomen with the faint outline of its underlying musculature ends in round, smooth hips. Streamlined, svelte legs stretch out from the high arches of the buttocks. Thus, body contouring, body sculpting, liposculpture, or lipocontouring, whatever you call it, is not simply about debulking and reducing the body’s volume and creating a new shape. Body sculpting is about restoring the natural, elegant landmarks and ideal form of a given area of the body while respecting its relationship to surrounding structures.”

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Choosing a Surgeon or a medical Centre’s Choose the best, because it’s your aspiration.

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Most People do not realize the importance of choosing the correct plastic surgeon or a centre when they are looking for cosmetic enhancements. It’s the first and foremost thought, any individual should consider while choosing an able surgeon. Few are the most important factors and questionnaires that an individual should use in deciding a centre/surgeon.

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